Real Life Music & Studio Camp- Coming Soon!

In a little over a month and a half, Creative.Life.Support will be hosting its 2016 Real Life Music and Real Life Studio Camp.

Over the span of five days-July 25 to 29- kids enrolled in the music camp work with professionals to form a band, write music, record their tunes in a high-tech studio and perform live on stage. Liz Berlin, co-owner of Mr. Smalls and member of multi-platinum group Rusted Root, will be dishing out her no-nonsense knowledge of music and the music industry. At the end of the camp, attendees will leave with a full press kit containing band photos, a comprehensive biography and a professionally recorded demo of one of their songs.

In the studio camp, attendees learn how to record and master tracks at Mr. Smalls Recording Studio with the help of Larry Luther, an industry veteran who has worked with groups such as Anti-Flag and 50 Cent. Campers will learn about how to record vocals and instrumentals using ProTools, setting up and running sound for a live show and understanding the basics of a professional studio environment.

The main focus is having fun and giving the campers hard-to-get resources that will advance their career as musicians.

Scholarship opportunities are available for those living with Crohn’s Disease or Colitis, those who are in the Foster or Independent Living Program and those who have financial need.

Both camps are still accepting campers for this July. For more information, go to or email questions at To register, click here.


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