Blow off some STEAM with Mr. Smalls

Mr. Smalls and its non-profit Creative.Life.Support are working closely with the creators and cast of Steam -or- The Specters of the Knox Mill, a steampunk rock opera set in Pittsburgh’s industrial past.

Produced by Liz Rishel, Sean Lenhart, Jordan Speranzo and William Strom, Steam is the tale of the passing of Francis C. Knox, the owner of Knox Mill, and the grim events that take place surrounding the mill following his death.

The music video for “The Pitch,” one of the original songs from Steam, was recorded at Mr. Smalls Recording Studio and the video was filmed at Mr. Smalls Theatre.

The rock opera will be filmed as a full-length feature but will be released in installments that will be available online. The cast has created a Kickstarter to help offset some of the expenses of creating the opera. Anyone interested in donating can do so here.



2 thoughts on “Blow off some STEAM with Mr. Smalls

  1. harley brock says:

    send out a letter to the email list when they do a show at smalls i have a few people i could bring

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